The Art Museum of Estonia exclusively turned to Lilli Jahilo with a proposition to use the legacy of the renown artist Adamson-Eric as a source of inspiration for a fashion collection as part of the Estonian Art Museum's 100th anniversary. Going through the thousands of works in the archives it was the artist's series of painted ceramics and nonfigurative paintings from 1960s that inspired Lilli the most. She brought these works alive as digital print on silk satin, cotton and light crepe by manipulating and reshaping the original works of art. The hand-drawn sketches of stylised motifs of faces and birds were turned into ribbon embellishment graphically depicting the artist's unique vision. Photography: Stina Kase Styling: Liis Plato MUaH: Liisa-Chrislin Saleh Model: Tiina / Modeling Agency Icon Graphic Design: Helene Vetik / Hmmm Creative Studio Location: Kõnnu Viinaköögi Art House Shoes & Accessories: Tallinna Kaubamaja