The Modern Ikebana Collection

"I really felt the need for a certain sense of calm to be incorporated in the new collection. The colour palette is nature-inspired and has a lot of warm hues to soothe the senses and make you feel at ease. Natural fibers and a lot of texture also take centre stage. I fell in love with the sakura-like blush pink jacquard fabric, as well as pre-crinkled cotton from an Italian mill that has a really nice carefree yet chic feel. My participation at an Environmental Art Symposium in the summer of 2020, where I explored workwear at a dismantled paper mill, influenced me a lot with this new collection - jackets that have an abundance of pockets and reinforced elbow patches have been reimagined in luxurious silk blends. There are also many separates in the collection, in addition to dress styles that will take you through so many events this summer, but also off-work activities. And did you notice, almost all pieces have sleeves this season. I know many of you will be so happy about this!" - Lilli Jahilo Photography: Riina Varol Styling: Liis Plato Concept & Set Design: Helen Sirp Assistant: Kerttu Reinmaa MUaH: Mammu Graphic Design: Helene Vetik / Hmmm Model: Birgit / Modeling Agency Icon Jewellery: A-Galerii (Marita Lumi, Ivar Kaasik, Krista Laos, Kaire Rannik, Margus Tänav, Claudia Lepik, Ülle Kõuts, Keiu Koppel, Irina Lindqvist, Ane Raunam, Merike Balod, Tea Vellerind) Accessories: Mango Shop the collection at