#LilliJahiloPreLoved at Tallinn Design Festival

D_O_M – in the light of the green transition

Not just a fashion show, but a spectacle! D_O_M introduces designs that last longer than a season or a trend. Through the D_O_M performance, the story of the Estonian brands is told, their essence is interpreted and acted out on a site specific show.

However, in the light of the green revolution, a question arises: how much new clothes do we really need?

Rushing the fashion industry behind due to the overall desire for novelty, and creating more and more items into the world will not solve the global problems we are facing.

At the same time, pressuring designers and artists with successively updated solutions raises a question: what was wrong with the existing one? Yes, new ideas, innovation and development are needed. But at the same time, let’s maintain and transmit the best existing solutions, let’s use them to maximum potential before the hand grabs for a new one.

We save the world if we save a square metre of soil already. We can use already purchased clothes for an absolute maximum period of time, style them smartly and care for them consciously.

This year’s D_O_M honours and puts in the limelight these valuable products that are already brought into the world. These clothes are worth mending and bequeathing.


The Lilli Jahilo fashion brand has been delivering the most beautiful dresses in the world to women across the globe for the past 12 years. Known for their superb fit, couture-inspired quality and unique design, they’re dresses that empower the wearer and contribute to creating a better world.

In 2020 Maison Lilli Jahilo created the pre-loved initiative “Uus Ring” (Pre-Loved), aiming to prolong the life-cycle of previously owned LJ garments. Since these dresses are designed to last a lifetime, it may happen that one person may not fulfil the maximum potential of an item. The #lillijahilopreloved concept has evolved into an integral part of the brand and has gained widespread support across client platforms.

Jahilo’s products are available in both Maison Lilli Jahilo in Tallinn, Valgevase 13 and in web store.

Lilli Jahilo awaits all to visit her on September 22 from 12 to 19 to learn more about #lillijahilopreloved products at a lively pop-up. You can also shop a selection of the pieces online.

Tickets to event here.