Desiree Mini DressDesiree Mini Dress
On sale

Desiree Mini Dress

€750 €990
Clio Cotton Shirt DressClio Cotton Shirt Dress
Sold out
Melody Pleated DressMelody Pleated Dress
Sold out
Issey DressIssey Dress

Issey Dress

Hedi Cotton ShirtHedi Cotton Shirt
On sale

Hedi Cotton Shirt

€440 €550
Leo Faux Silk JacketLeo Faux Silk Jacket
Sold out

Leo Faux Silk Jacket

€650 €890
Yvonne DressYvonne Dress
Sold out

Yvonne Dress

Daphne Blush Pink DressDaphne Blush Pink Dress
On sale
Allegra Midi DressAllegra Midi Dress
On sale

Allegra Midi Dress

€525 €1.050
Athena Maxi DressAthena Maxi Dress
Sold out

Athena Maxi Dress

€750 €1.475
Floriana Mini DressFloriana Mini Dress
Sold out

Floriana Mini Dress

€650 €1.150

Lilli Jahilo isn’t about clothing but what you can accomplish when you wear them

The designer says: ”What you wear is the closest layer to you and it has an impact on how you feel. If you feel good as a person, you will act better, you will make greater things and the whole world can win from that. All of our products are made with attention to detail and the perfection of fit which have become the hallmarks of my design together with modern and feminine style.”